What is greene design?



 Our projects range from kitchens to towns and from homes to hospitals. Our services include home design, interior design, multi-family  and commercial building design, as well as community design, planning  consulting, design review, and development support.    



 We  strongly believe that improving the human habitat supports and enhances  the natural environment. Our firm includes extensive experience with  energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive  building systems.  We  believe in the value of tradition and technology, and in the necessity  of learning from the past to shape the future.  



  We  know that towns and neighborhoods are more efficient than conventional  suburbs and shopping centers.  We believe that a smaller home can live  large if the plan is well thought out. We know we can preserve resources  and save our clients' money through efficient design and detail. We  believe our portfolios prove this.  



  We  were among the first to work on customization of the SmartCode for a  community, and we continue to work with the SmartCode and form-based  development coding.  We believe that every project requires a fresh  outlook and, sometimes, a new set of tools.  



Frank is Principal Architect with Greene Design and has over 30 years  experience in architecture, community design and real estate  development. 

He is currently the Town Architect for the planned New  Urbanist community of Rosemary Beach  in Florida.  He was also the Town Architect for Draper Lake from 2014- 2018.  Previously Frank worked for Looney Ricks Kiss Architects from 2005-2009 in Rosemary Beach, Florida. 

Before joining that firm, Frank had worked  as an architect, planner and developer, based in Chattanooga, Tennessee  since 1982. 

Frank served as Senior Vice President of Development for Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE),  Chattanooga's citywide nonprofit housing organization, from 1995 to  2000. During that time, CNE developed and rehabilitated over 600 housing  units under his direction. 

In addition to acting as developer for this  work, he also designed many of the home and apartment prototypes  constructed by CNE. While at CNE, Frank coordinated the  Southside  Neighborhoods Plan and the Southside Redevelopment Plan. for Chattanooga  After leaving CNE, Frank was a founder of PlaceMakers, LLC, a professional collaborative providing community and urban design, planning, visioning, SmartCode customization,  Pattern Books, Historical District Guidelines, and other planning  services for cities and developers. Frank is also a founding member of the New Urban Guild and an active member of the Congress for the New Urbanism

He is a member the American Institute of Architects. He graduated cum laude from the University of Tennessee School of Architecture in 1982.



Our office is conveniently located on 30a

Santa Rosa Beach, Florida



  • Frank G. Greene, Principal Architect 
  • Alison Schultz, Office Manager
  • Lourdes Reynafarje, Architect  



Rosemary Thymes, Summer 2018


Houzz Tour: A Plywood-Paneled Beach Cottage Stands out in Florida - 2016