The benton i

Additional Information

 1 Story / 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath

375 Sq. Ft. Master Suite
1574 Sq. Ft. Gross Area
33’-4” Wide
57’-0” Deep
24’-0” High Overall
10’-0” Ceiling Height
165 Sq. Ft. Front Porch
57 Sq. Ft. Rear Porch Area

Historical Style: Jeffersonian/Simplified Greek Revival
Crawl Space Foundation
Wood Frame
Exterior Lap SIding
Detached Garage (not included)
Efficient, compact plan, suitable for TND or infill in historic neighborhoods
Transect Zones T-3 & T-4
South and Atlantic Coast Regions 1 Story 3 Bedroom 2 Bath. 

Plan Pricing

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Front Elevation


Customization is available to this model. If you would like to  inquire  about modifications to this plan and pricing, please feel free  to  contact us at or call 1-850-231-0548 we would love to help.